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 CHRISTIAN AID REGIONAL GATHERINGS ON ZOOM  will have a different focus each time, but we want to ensure that in each hour-long session you’ll:-
Be inspired – Hear the latest stories of Christian Aid’s work around the world.
Be equipped – Hear about what’s coming up and how you can make a difference through  prayer, campaigning and fundraising.
Share your ideas – Listen, learn and encourage each other with your great ideas.
The link to the zoom calls always remains the same:-
Meeting ID: 612 287 9740         Passcode: CA2021

Thank you to Tony Baron for these notes from Christian Aid REGIONAL SESSION on  September 21   CA Sept 21 regional event notes


Next three sessions:-
Tuesday 19th October at 7.00pm – Hear stories of our work around the world  from partners and time for Q & A.

  • Tuesday 23rd November at 7.00pm – Drop in Session – Meet other supporters  The discussion is TBC, but if you have anything you’d like us to discuss, let us know. E.g. how to recruit new volunteers, successful fundraisers, Q&A session, how to encourage new churches to get involved.

  • Friday 10th December at 7.00pm – Quizmas is back! After the success of last year’s Christmas Quiz (we raised almost £900!) I will be hosting another regional quiz/social. Save the date – and let your church congregation know! The more, the merrier Christmas!

    Contact: Darren Staunton Church Engagement Fundraising Officer, North West [Gr. Manchester, Lancashire and Merseyside] T: 01925 582 826 |  M: 07778 109 971 |  


Christian Aid exists to help create a world where everyone can live a full life, free from poverty. Poverty is an outrage against humanity. It robs people of their dignity and let injustice thrive. But together we have the power to transform lives.

We are a global movement of people, churches and local organisations who passionately champion dignity, equality and justice in countries worldwide. We are the changemakers, the peacemakers, the mighty of heart.

We provide urgent, practical help in times of crisis and beyond. We seek to eradicate extreme poverty by tackling its root causes. Together with people living in poverty, we amplify our voices to speak truth to power and create lasting change. Everyone is equal in the sight of God. For over 70 years, this has inspired us to stand together in solidarity with our global neighbours, of all faiths and none.



E envelope         1585.00     Gift Aid     266.25

Envelopes in Churches 2236.23     Gift Aid 281.25

Plant Sale          728.50                                         
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                            4549.73                     547.50
Total             £ 5097.23

AS people are stil adding to the ONLINE ENVELOPE  we will leave it open for donations until the end of June

See below whom you are hleping with C A week this year.

Rage and Hope 75 prayers for a better world

Published in March this is a collection of defiant prayers for justice and a better world to commemorate and celebrate 75 years of Christian Aid.  Bringing together voices from different contexts and cultures around the world, this is a collection of prayers of lament for he injustices of the world, and prayers of hope for the world we want to see.  You can order it from


A new report (May 19th 2021) from Christian Aid warns Africa’s debt crisis is slowing Covid-19 vaccination with vaccine costs adding to the debt burden. The report calls for a ‘solidarity package’ to tackle the virus and the climate crisis.  It shows how developing countries need ‘a comprehensive debt cancellation deal’ to help ensure they can rapidly roll out Covid-19 vaccines and build universal health coverage, and how private creditors should be mandated to be part of a comprehensive debt deal agreed by the G20.

In the paper, ‘Vaccine Debts’, the NGO calls for vaccine patents to be waived, so developing countries with generic medicine production capacity can boost production, lower prices, and help to save lives. It argues we need a ‘solidarity package’ so we all have the means to help tackle the common challenges of Covid-19 and the climate crisis. Read full report: CA- Debt and Vaccine Briefing May 2021


THIS YEAR WHOM DOES MY DONATION HELP?  To share with you some of the people your donations help, below are a couple of short stories about Rose and Florence who live in Kenya, where climate change is having a huge impact on their lives.   Extreme weather is making it harder and harder to survive. For communities fighting the climate crisis, every last drop matters and every last one of us can help them thrive.  The coronavirus pandemic has only increased the urgent need for families to access reliable source of water  The devastating climate crisis robs people of the water and food they need to live.

Our planet is changing, but some people are feeling the effects of this more than others. Weather extremes are now more frequent and more intense due to the climate crisis and one place that has experienced this is Kenya.

In parts of Kenya in 2020, drought was followed by relentless rainfall and flooding which damaged crops that had struggled to grow. Together, the climate chaos and coronavirus are a double threat to lives and livelihoods.

Climate chaos is causing a hunger crisis

In Kitui, eastern Kenya, 8 out of 10 people depend on rain to grow crops. Without water, staple crops like maize and beans wither up and die. People can’t earn a living and they go hungry.

People are forced to walk further and further to collect water. This daily burden robs them of the chance to farm and grow food for their families. Elderly women and children are especially vulnerable on these dangerous journeys and can face robbery or conflict as people battle over scarce resources. Cows, sheep and goats are becoming weaker and weaker. They can’t produce milk or be sold. People are struggling to cope. Lives are at risk. Families need every last drop to survive this climate chaos.

Christian Aid has been working in Kenya since 1997. One of our long-standing partners in Kenya is Anglican Development Services – Eastern (ADSE). Christian Aid and ADSE are working together with communities in Kitui county to help them to adapt to drought as well as flooding, as climate chaos robs people of control over their lives.

ADSE helps communities build earth and sand dams, and rock catchments, so they can harvest water near their homes. Dams are simple and cost-effective natural storage solutions. They catch the rain when it falls, increase the amount of stored water available to communities, defend against intense rain and flooding, and free women and girls from making long and dangerous journeys to collect water.

MEET ROSE: a loving, hard-working grandmother
One woman who is experiencing the worst of the climate crisis is Rose. A grandmother, Rose is an experienced village leader. She is proud to be able to cover the costs of her grandchildren’s education by working as a casual labourer.

After her husband died in 2006, Rose began to feel ill. She went to hospital and was diagnosed with HIV. She says: ‘My faith has helped me to accept my status and I believe that, with the doctor’s advice, I will live a long life.’ The medication Rose takes requires her to eat a balanced diet, but because of the long journeys to get water, she can’t farm the vegetables she needs and she goes hungry. In this desperate climate chaos, Rose battles to bring water home for her grandchildren.

Every morning, after nothing to eat, she sets out on a long, dangerous journey, walkin six hours to collect water. While she walks, her stomach gives her stabbing pains. She feels weary under the hot sun and the full jerry cans are heavy (40 litres of water weigh 40kg). Her aching legs walk on, because if she gives up, her grandchildren will suffer hunger and thirst. ‘We have to walk long distances. We are suffering,’ she says. Rose needs every last drop to survive the climate chaos

Rose remembers her childhood when the rain was reliable and there was plenty of food. She wishes her grandchildren could have the same lives; instead, she hopes that her sacrifices will give them the chance of a better future. But the climate crisis is driving her to the brink. When she arrives home, exhausted, her grandson Charles cooks her a meagre bowl of porridge – but he knows she is still hungry.

But it shouldn’t have to reach this breaking point. There is a nearby earth dam just minutes away from Rose’s home. It should be a lifeline.
But it’s not wide or deep enough for everyone’s needs. It runs out of water too quickly. Rose and her community need a bigger dam, to help them capture the rainfall and create a long-lasting source of water for their families.

What happens when the search for water does not consume people’s lives? What happens when people have the water they need to thrive?

We can find out by meeting Florence: a woman who has transformed her life with access to a dam full of water.

Florence is a soulful, joyful woman: full of life, love and laughter. The women in her farming group look up to her. She’s courageous and kind – a survivor. A few years ago, her husband died, leaving her a widow. At that time, she had no water to grow crops. Her children were hungry. Like Rose does now, she had to walk for hours to collect water. ‘Life was miserable,’ she told us.

Florence could easily have been defeated. But she is a fighter. With help from Christian Aid’s local partner, Florence and her community were able to build a dam together, just 30 minutes from her house.
Using water from the dam, Florence grows tomatoes, onions and chillies on her farm. Her children can eat healthy, nutritious vegetables, and she has enough left to sell. It’s her source of life and joy.

Florence also uses the dam to keep bees: the microclimate of plants growing around the dam means the bees don’t need to search long distances for nectar. She sells the rich, golden honey at the market.She says: ‘I have been sustained by the earth dam. My life has changed. I am very happy. You can see it in my face: my face is shining. I have strength and power.’

Florence is a generous woman of faith. She knows others are struggling to cope without a reliable water source, and wishes the same blessings she has received will be granted to them: ‘There is a village nearby – they don’t have an earth dam. They are suffering. I am thankful to people who have donated to build this earth dam. I am praying God will increase their giving.’

This Christian Aid Week, will you stand with people like Rose and Florence? Please donate this Christian Aid Week (10-16 May). Your gift could help a community build an earth dam, providing a regular and reliable source of water in affected areas of Kenya.

£4.40 could teach 10 farmers how to plant drought-tolerant crops that can survive the drought.

£10 could buy a pair of taps at a water point which will be installed at an earth dam, making it easier for people to fetch water.

£42 could buy 350kg of cement, which is needed to build an earth dam.

£545 could pay for a skilled labourer to work on the construction of an earth or sand dam.

Every pound raised, every prayer said and every action taken, are expressions of our Christian love and compassion, of our belief that all life is equal and precious in the sight of God. Together, we stop this climate crisis, and give brave, hard-working women like Rose the chance to thrive.

You can also join us as we call on the UK Prime Minister to lead the world with ambitious climate action that will also address inequality.

Also, pray with us for a radical change of heart for politician’s, and that as a global community we will care for our common home and for people living in poverty.