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THE OFFSHORE PETROLEUM LICENSING BILL had its 2nd Reading in the House of Commons on Wednesday January 24th.                       
  Sophie Powell, Christian Aid’s Chief of UK Advocacy & Policy said the UK Government risked trashing its record on the environment.”Only last month at COP28 in Dubai, the UK committed to transition away from fossil fuels and take urgent action in this ‘critical decade’ to reduce emissions. Now the Government seems intent on breaking that carefully constructed international consensus by pressing on with not reducing fossil fuels but expanding them. The science is clear that until we start leaving fossil fuels in the ground, floods, storms, droughts and heatwaves will only continue to worsen. 
“From hosting COP26 in Glasgow, to now undermining the outcome of COP28, the Government is trashing it’s record on the environment. All political parties should be committing to end all oil and gas expansion; to making big bold investments in green energy; and to taxing polluters to help pay for the climate damage faced by those in the global south on the front line of this crisis.”   


A new analysis of the top 20 costliest extreme climate disasters over 2023 has revealed a “global postcode lottery stacked against the poor” where the relative economic impact of disasters varies considerably across countries.

Christian Aid, which published the analysis in their report Counting the Cost 2023: A year of climate breakdown, warns “more climate finance is desperately needed” including investment in early warning and early action.
The top 20 list of the costliest extreme disasters of 2023 across a range of 14 countries shows that some countries – through size, geography, or other factors – are more prone to experience disasters.  
Read the synopsis here:
Download the full report here   counting_the_cost_2023


We raised £3995 this year.
Envelopes: Delivery only drop offs            £1866
Envelopes in churches                £646
Plant/cake sale                          £933
E envelope                     £550
Total excluding gift aid          £3995

Gift Aid from envelopes and e envelope                                  £533

Grand total                    £4528

2022 total £5178
Thank you to Tony Baron for all his hard work organising this week and for all who helped and supported it.

The story of Esther and her Pigeon Peas
Meet Esther and her grandson Nespo. There is something magical about Esther’s warm heart and everyday acts of kindness. Esther lives in Malawi, which is in the south-east of Africa. Its people are so friendly that Malawi is sometimes called the ‘Heart of Africa’

Esther grows pigeon peas on her farm. These are no ordinary peas because with these Esther can bake delicious bread and by selling these peas, Esther can pay for her grandson to go to nursery and help her children’s dreams come true.

But just as they are here, the costs of everyday essentials, such as food and fuel, are going up and up. In addition, the climate crisis means it is increasingly difficult to grow many of the foods Esther and her family used to eat and sell. Often crops are lost to cyclones or droughts, or seeds are too old to grow well. Many farmers like Esther are exploited by big companies and don’t receive a fair price for their peas.
Esther is working with Christian Aid and others in her community.
Together they have:

  • formed cooperatives to secure a fairer price.

  • boosted the quality of the seeds they use.

  • added value by baking and selling bread made from pea flour.

  • built warehouses to keep peas safe from weather events.

  • even produced a pigeon pea recipe book!

Esther says: ‘We are a community that helps one another, if people face a problem, we do not allow them to suffer alone.’
So, if you could give to Christian Aid, you become part of Esther’s community of people who help one another and help make dreams come true.
For Esther and her community, pigeon peas are like the tiny mustard seed, growing the hopes and dreams of their children and grandchildren:

to go to school.     to start their own businesses.   to help their friends and their neighbours.

Churches Together Marple have set up a number of ways you can support:

Donate on – line by either follow this link:

 scan this QR code.

 Using the familiar red envelopes which will be delivered to houses with details of donation collection points in your local area. We will NOT be collecting from your house.

We thank you and hope that you will be able to support our fundraising by giving generously to help people like Esther.


Christian Aid exists to help create a world where everyone can live a full life, free from poverty. Poverty is an outrage against humanity. It robs people of their dignity and let injustice thrive. But together we have the power to transform lives.

We are a global movement of people, churches and local organisations who passionately champion dignity, equality and justice in countries worldwide. We are the changemakers, the peacemakers, the mighty of heart.

We provide urgent, practical help in times of crisis and beyond. We seek to eradicate extreme poverty by tackling its root causes. Together with people living in poverty, we amplify our voices to speak truth to power and create lasting change. Everyone is equal in the sight of God. For over 70 years, this has inspired us to stand together in solidarity with our global neighbours, of all faiths and none.


Envelopes from the Churches                £982
Envelopes delivered to houses and returned to various collecting points   £1685
E- envelope ( this is still open see link below)           £1020
Plant sale at Jubilee Methodist Church                            £933
Total pre Gift Aid £4620

Thankyou from Darren Staunton,  Church Engagement Fundraising Officer, North West,  to all who helped to raise this year’s excellent total.  We think it was   £5,200  but the final amount which includes all gift aid will be confirmed later.

As the golden sun fades across the sky, Jessica watches her much-loved sons and daughters sing, dance and play outside. Can you imagine how it feels for her to know her children are hungry, but have nothing left to give?

She finds a ray of hope that she will overcome this tough time – and be able to provide her children with good food, and a full life, free from hunger.

For the first time in a generation, global hunger and poverty are rising. Covid-19, conflict, and the climate crisis are pushing vulnerable communities and forcing families like that of Jessica Mwedzi who lives in Zimbabwe, into a daily struggle for survival. Like many women in rural Zimbabwe – 7 out of 10 rely on farming for income and food – she toils on her farm, but nothing can grow on her ashen, dry land. Drought starves, and intensified by the climate crisis, drives families into hunger. Jessica recalls that ‘One year, we had no rain. The scorching sun burnt my crops just as they were about to bloom. It was so painful and disheartening.’ 

Often one bowl of porridge is all she and her family have to eat in a day: ‘My children crave a decent meal, but I can’t provide. We often go to bed on an empty stomach. It pains me to send them to bed hungry’.
Can you imagine how it feels for her to know her children are hungry, but have nothing left to give?

It’s unjust that drought robs Jessica of the power to provide for her family. Her children look up to her, but she has nothing left to give.
But Jessica is anything but helpless. In the face of drought, her love for her family gives her courage to stand strong – and we, Christian  Aid, stand with Jessica.

Could you give and help this loving mum and others like her to provide food and hope?

Your gift could help Jessica to grow drought-resistant crops, set up water taps on her farm, learn how to grow food in the harsh climate.  Her dry, dusty land could transform into a garden of hope, abundant with fresh food like tomatoes, beans and cucumbers

BRAZIL : Christian Aid praises police for bringing criminal charges against mining company over Brumadinho dam disaster
Dec 8th, 2021
Picture: Toxic sludge has covered homes, farmland, livestock and people.
Toxic sludge has covered homes, farmland, livestock and people.

Christian Aid has welcomed reports that Brazil’s Federal Police is bringing criminal charges against Vale for environmental crimes for its role in the Brumadinho dam disaster and has called for urgent “justice and compensation.”

The international development charity, which co-authored a report into the incident this year alongside the Movement of People Affected by dams (MAB) as part of a project aimed at ensuring redress for people affected, believes a further 33-45 dams are vulnerable and leaving thousands at risk.

The Brumadinho dam’s collapse on 25 January 2019 released 11.7 million cubic meters of toxic waste and mud, killing 270 people and contaminating the Paraopeba River and nearby water systems and lands. An estimated 944,000 people have had their livelihoods impacted.

Christian Aid is calling for families of the people killed by the Brumadinho dam disaster and people who have been displaced or lost their livelihoods to be fully compensated by Vale and responsible state actors.

The Brazillian Federal Police’s investigation found evidence on the commission of crimes against animal life, flora, water resources, and various crimes of pollution. Federal prosecutors will now evaluate the conclusions and determine whether charges will be brought.

Fionna Smyth, Head of Global Policy and Advocacy for Christian Aid, said: “Families have been torn apart by the Brumadinho disaster and the community remains devastated nearly three years on. Reports that criminal charges are to be brought for environmental crimes against Vale are a positive step but must come with real justice and compensation.

“Nothing short of an independent, thorough and swift criminal investigation into what can only be described as serious human rights violations will do.

“We also need systemic change. No longer should mining companies be left to mark their own homework. With other dams posing a risk, we need an international agreement that places the rights of people before greed.”

Christian Aid’s report, The true cost of mining: Ensuring justice for people and communities affected by the Brumadinho dam disaster – can be found here:



E envelope         1585.00     Gift Aid     266.25

Envelopes in Churches 2236.23     Gift Aid 281.25

Plant Sale          728.50                                         
_____________              _______                  
                            4549.73                     547.50
Total             £ 5097.23

Rage and Hope 75 prayers for a better world

Published in March this is a collection of defiant prayers for justice and a better world to commemorate and celebrate 75 years of Christian Aid.  Bringing together voices from different contexts and cultures around the world, this is a collection of prayers of lament for he injustices of the world, and prayers of hope for the world we want to see.  You can order it from

A new report (May 19th 2021) from Christian Aid warns Africa’s debt crisis is slowing Covid-19 vaccination with vaccine costs adding to the debt burden. The report calls for a ‘solidarity package’ to tackle the virus and the climate crisis.  It shows how developing countries need ‘a comprehensive debt cancellation deal’ to help ensure they can rapidly roll out Covid-19 vaccines and build universal health coverage, and how private creditors should be mandated to be part of a comprehensive debt deal agreed by the G20.

In the paper, ‘Vaccine Debts’, the NGO calls for vaccine patents to be waived, so developing countries with generic medicine production capacity can boost production, lower prices, and help to save lives. It argues we need a ‘solidarity package’ so we all have the means to help tackle the common challenges of Covid-19 and the climate crisis. Read full report: CA- Debt and Vaccine Briefing May 2021