Cobden Cross.


A much loved and much visited landmark, the cross on Cobden Edge, was erected by Churches Together in the Marple Area in 1970 and has been a symbol for our community since.

Sadly the winter storms of 2015 caused irreparable damage.   



The original cross was made by a local carpenter and erected one afternoon by a group of men from the local churches who carried the wood pieces up the steep hill to Cobden Edge and then  put the cross together on site using a long ladder and ropes.  It would not be possible to repeat this because of present Health and Safety requirements.    After taking professional advice,  the decision was made to take down what remains of the existing cross and replace it with a stronger structure of galvanised steel, clad with wood to retain the original appearance. This time it seems necessary to employ a local professional construction engineer.     It is hoped work will go ahead in  2018.

Many people, churchgoers or not, value the cross overlooking our community and have been asking when it will be restored from its present T-shape to become once again the loved local landmark.

Churches Together  aim to raise £25,000 for a NEW CROSS.

The churches themselves are raising funds which have  now reached  £10,000 and  support from the wider community is being sort.

Lord Andrew Stunell, our former MP writes:

 For years the Cross on Cobden Edge has been a landmark. 

It’s become not only a statement of faith but is now part of our area’s identity, a destination for walkers of all ages (and religious viewpoints), and a useful gauge of the weather when rain sweeps in and it disappears from sight!

Having had the great privilege of representing you in Parliament I know what a great sense of pride local people take in our community and its heritage, so I know that you will share my enthusiasm to see this unique feature restored and playing its full part in public life. 

So whether you are a church-goer, or simply someone who cares deeply about preserving the features of our local heritage and environment that make this area so special, I hope you will join me in helping to restore the Cross on Cobden Edge.”

Every Good Friday since the Cross was erected

Christians from the area have walked from the local scout camp up to the Cross stopping to worship on the way. This popular event attracts people of all ages .  This year we meet at Linnet Clough Car Park at 5.30 pm.

The walk in 2011

Please Donate if you are able at
  • Donote to the Mellor Cross Appeal

If you prefer to send a cheque, please make it  payable to:  The PCC of All Saints’ Marple and write on the back ‘Cobden Cross Appeal’.


Send to Cobden Cross Appeal, All Saints’ Church Office, 155 Church Lane, Marple SK6 6EZ.

Please let us have your address if you wish for an acknowledgement or are able to gift aid.